The Wilde Ride for 08/07/17

Dunkin’ Donuts is changing its name… at least in one location.

Shaq is running for sheriff. Would you vote for him?

There’s a beautiful mansion for sale in New Jersey for only $10… but there’s one catch… you gotta move it to your own land. If you want to make an offer, send an email to

I joked on the air about Anthony Scaramucci battled Sean Spicer on Dancing With the Stars… but he’s got his own ideas about breaking into show biz.

If you have a “Liquid Glitter” phone case be aware that they are being recalled because that goo inside is burning people.

Want to send a message into space? Check this out and start thinking about what you want to say…

Golden Record


Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have separated after 8 years of marriage and one child.  🙁


I hope your Monday is off to a great start and that your week is amazing.  Jennifer