The Wilde Ride for 03/18/19

April the giraffe is a mom again for the 5th time. Look at those faces!!

A mom who says her smart kid (4.2 GPA) didn’t get into some of the school involved in
ÔÇťOperation Varsity Blues” is suing the parents involved for $500 billion. (Good luck with that… they’re Hollywood parents, not Jeff Bezos.)

If you like Jimmy Fallon’s musical games on The Tonight Show, you’ll love the new show he has in the works called That’s My Jam.

Here’s a cool gadget that will have your kids (or you) listening to the world in a whole new way. The Stemoscope.

More couples are deciding to NOT travel together after the wedding and they’re taking “unimoons” instead.

Well, this guy got lucky… or the other guy was a really good shot. Either way, he’ll need a new cellphone.

Even James Bond is going green. Check out his new car for the upcoming movie.

You’re gonna need extra snacks for the upcoming final season of Game of Thrones.

I hope your week is off to a good start! <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 03/15/19

I’m bookmarking this page, … it helps you figure out when to go to sleep (or wake up) to not interrupt your sleep cycles.

The leader of the Iditarod earlier in the week, lost the race after his dogs went on strike when he yelled at one of them.

When making small talk, don’t leave ’em hanging with a boring “How are you?”

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced this year’s presenters for the 2019 induction ceremony.

Nothing will love and protect you like a dog, but drones could be better herders… until it rains.

A man just received a congratulatory telegram for his graduation that happened 50 years ago.

We might be able to Airbnb last minute. They’re buying HotelTonight.

If the phrase “No Whammies!” excites you, you’ll be interested in this.

What? Venus is not our closest neighbor, Mercury is.

Woo Hoo!! Fuh RI DAY! Enjoy your weekend. <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 03/14/19

bill nye pi GIF by NETFLIX

Even if you’ve never exercised before, it’s never too late to start and enjoy the benefits.

LG’s got another counter top gadget coming out, and this one makes ice cream!

A musical, not about Britney Spears but using a ton of her music, is being developed in Chicago right now.

The latest viral challenge is one I can get behind. (So much better than eating Tide pods.)

Some people give up beer for Lent. This guy is giving up every other food but beer!

If your kid has imaginary friends, don’t worry – it’s normal and it means they’re creative.

If you’ve been wondering what it might be like on Mars, head to China.

Getting enough sleep is important, but not waking up during a sleep cycle can make waking up so much better. Use this website to help you.

Happy Thursday (or Friday Eve as I call it!) See ya tomorrow, Wilde Ones. <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 03/13/19

A hipster who was upset about an article saying they all look the same, threatened to sue over a photo of him used to illustrate it. Only it wasn’t him…

A few months after a biopic about his life comes out, Elton John’s autobiograpy will hit the shelves. But you can pre-order it now.

It doesn’t taste like pizza, but it does look like one… what are your feelings about sushi pizza?

If making gnomes would make your life complete, this company is hiring.

What in the heck is going on in Hollywood? Dozens of parents have been arrested, including some stars in a college entrance cheating scandal.

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 03/12/19

Trader Joe’s is eliminating a lot of plastic waste from their store. The goal is a million pounds of it!

The Temptations are coming to Broadway later this month in a new show called “Ain’t Too Proud: The Life and Times of The Temptations.”

Do you actually have to brush your teeth before you go to bed? Not really, but I still think it makes waking up nicer if you do.

Things are about to change for Americans who want to travel to Europe. You’ll need to apply for authorization in order to visit.

An Australian company is selling candles that are supposed to smell just like a McDonald’s cheeseburger.

Does this mean that all those Disney “vaulted” movies will finally be set free? I hope so!!

This is an interesting new way to stop snoring. A gadget you place under your pillow.

Have a terrific Tuesday, Wilde Ones!! <3 Jennifer