The Wilde Ride for 01/10/19

LG is introducing all kinds of cool products at the CES in Las Vegas. This is being called “the Keurig of beer.”

France’s first all nude restaurant is closing. But you still have a month to book your flight to Paris before it does. ūüėȬ†

There’s a lot of cool stuff being introduced at the CES… like Hyundai’s new walking car! So cool.

There’s a first time for everything.¬†

Everything’s bigger at Costco… and Nutella fans are saying “YESSSSSSS!”

That new Barbie movie may finally get made… with Margot Robbie now stepping into the role.

Happy Thursday! One more day til the weekend… we can DO this! <3 Jennifer¬†

The Wilde Ride for 01/09/19

One of the big stars at the CES in Las Vegas is LG’s new rollable TV. Check out the¬†Signature Series OLED TV R.

We don’t know for sure if e-cigarettes are safer than the regular ones or not. But regular cigarettes don’t explode in your pocket.

What do you think of Paul McCartney’s use of AutoTune in his new song?¬†

Saudi women will now get a text message if their husband divorces them. How very considerate.

This guy probably thought he’d found the perfect petite mark to rob… SURPRISE!!!! Enjoy your new face, you jerk.

AGAIN, Disney?? 

Enjoying that cocktail in the sky? You can now say thank you with a tip to your flight attendant.

Have a great day… catch ya tomorrow! <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 01/08/19

There’s a new recall going on due to faulty airbags. If you have a Ford, check this out.¬†

A teen who babysat for a woman then tried to get her money was called a stuck up b**** because she wouldn’t accept free ice cream and a “day of fun” as payment. She finally got her money though and the woman is being shamed by the internet for trying to rip her off.

A woman in the UK is now a convicted criminal due to her excessive bird feeding. Harsh…

Have you even flown business class on United and loved your meal so much you wanted the recipe? Well now you can get it, in their new cookbook. 

Looks like the Oscars will be definitely be hostless (for sure this time.) Kevin Hart couldn’t even be convinced by Ellen to change his mind.

A free flat screen sounds awesome! But will it turn on?? (Does the bag of rice trick work for this?)

I hope your Tuesday is terrific. ūüôā See ya tomorrow, Wilde Ones! <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 01/07/19

Gesturing will soon be the new touchscreen if testing of this new tech from Google goes well. 

A bunch of works just entered the public domain. Here’s how to check out some of them.

The bad new is that a neighboring galaxy is going to crash into the Milky Way. The good news is, we won’t be here to see it. But our descendants might…

Nabisco has two new flavors of Oreos out for 2019. Carrot cake and Dark Chocolate! 

And the Girl Scouts are also putting out a new cookie flavor this year. They have a new gluten free option РCaramel Chocolate Chip. 

The new cookie, which will officially be released in 2019, is gluten free.
Girl Scouts of America

Netflix is asking viewers to please stop doing “The Bird Box Challenge” before someone gets seriously hurt.

I hope your week is off to good start and that you didn’t injure yourself Bird Box challenging this weekend. LOL¬† <3 Jennifer¬†

The Wilde Ride for 01/04/19

China has successfully gone where no one has gone before… to the far side of the moon.

You could just wait to become elderly and realize some of these life lessons, or you could learn them from some people who are already there. 

The Masked Singer premiere was a big hit for Fox and the number one show Wednesday night.

Former President Barack Obama is now on the Billboard charts. 

Police rushed to the scene after neighbors heard a man yelling “Why won’t you just die?” and found a man with arachnophobia trying to kill a spider.

Here are a variety of ways to watch this weekend’s Golden Globes.¬†

And speaking of weekends… I hope you have a great one. I’ll see ya Monday! <3 Jennifer¬†