The Wilde Ride for 11/12/19

Congratulations to Nick Butter who just became the first person to run a marathon in every country in the world.

They’ve been testing it in other countries for awhile, but now Instagram is going to start hiding likes in the US.

After years of trying, it looks like Frasier WILL get a reboot after all.

The incredible women who inspired the film “Hidden Figures” will now be honored with congressional gold medals.

Get your Mr. Rogers cardigan out and get ready for World Kindness Day tomorrow.

That’s what’s going on today… catch ya tomorrow, Wilde Ones! <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 11/11/19

Today is Veterans Day, and many vets feel uncomfortable hearing “Thank you for your service.” They’d rather you ask them about their time in the military.

To succeed, you need to fail a few times… more precisely, about 15% of the time.

Eating your lunch alone has more benefits than eating with your co-workers.

More Sears and Kmart closures are on the horizon.

Sometime in December, you’ll see Vanna White hosting Wheel of Fortune due to Pat Sajak’s emergency surgery.

A Madonna fan says he really wanted to see her. But because she’s always late, he changed his mind but was refused a refund. So he’s suing her.

Carol Burnett is also returning to the Mad About You reboot.

So it looks like Kanye is going to run for president?

If you got a Valentine’s Day text from a recent ex last week this could be why.

And we’re off… another work week is beginning. I hope you have a good one! <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 11/08/19

Whitney Houston’s longtime best friend has written a book about their relationship.

More than 64 years after his death, James Dean is going to star in his 4th film, thanks to the use of CGI.

Coca Cola has two new drinks out for the holidays.


China is blaming video games for poor academic performance and nearsightedness, so they’re implementing some new rules.

Free coloring book alert! Museums all over the world have been making coloring books based on their collections for the Color Our Collections program and you can download them for free.

The New York Academy of Medicine Library

Some more performers have been announced for the American Music Awards.

Hope you have a great weekend. Catch ya on Monday, Wilde Ones! <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 11/07/19

Starbucks has released the new holiday cups and you can get a freebie today.

If someone says they’re “self partnered” here’s what they mean.

If you want the new Turducken Thanksgiving meal kit from Pringles you can buy it here. But you’d better hurry because last year they sold out in under an hour!

Pringles Turducken Friendsgiving Feast

A beer company teamed up with an animal shelter to help dogs get adopted, by putting their faces on beer cans.

Fargo Brewing Company

Blind spots cause a lot of accidents every year, but a teenager may have just solved the problem.

Blondie’s Debbie Harry has a new book out. It’s called “Face It.”

Here’s the perfect gift for a fan of The Office.

Awwwwwww yeah… we’re so close to a Friday, I can feel it. See ya tomorrow! <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 11/06/19

This craze over a sandwich is getting out of control. A man was stabbed and killed during a fight the erupted in a line for the new Popeyes chicken sandwich.

Alright, alright, alright… Matthew McConaughey is now on instagram.

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An old painting of Jesus that almost got tossed in the trash just sold at auction for millions.

Here’s something you don’t see livestreamed every day… brain surgery.

Microsoft Japan tested out a 4 day workweek and it was a huge success!

The second recipient of the Carol Burnett award at the Golden Globes will be Ellen DeGeneres.

Instead of punishing their son for his extensive doodling during class, they redirected his passion and now he has a job.

YESSSS! I’d be more willing to move to Mars if there were fresh hot cookies there!

Olivia Newton John just donated some of her Grease outfits to an auction to raise money for breast cancer research.


That’s what’s going on today. See ya tomorrow. <3 Jennifer