What’s Going On for 03-10-2017

Who’s going to see Kong: Skull Island this weekend?

Check out this car of the future from Volkswagen… #TechThisOut

Anyone else spend more time being inactive in active wear than active?  No shame in my comfort game…  😉

This is the cutest thing… 11 month old Ollie sees his puppy video.

Hope you have a fantastic Friday! Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to “spring forward” Sunday morning.  😉  ♥ Jennifer

What’s Going On for 03-08-2017

Happy International Women’s Day!

“A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.”– Eleanor Roosevelt

Tax time is coming… need some help?
Here are some free ways to get it.

These shoes can order a pizza for you…

Would you want to dive down to the bottom of the World’s Deepest Pool?

Parents… now you can stay in your warm cozy bed when your baby cries for food in the middle of the night. Just get a baby bottle robot. (They might need to do a few more test runs first.)

Awwww… look at these best friends

Hope your Wednesday is awesome!!! ♥ Jennifer

What’s Going On for 03-07-2017

Davi Oliveira is a 22-year-old construction worker in Australia who, like a lot of people, enjoys singing on the job… but most construction workers don’t sing like this!

There’s a reason why people look like their names. We “grow into” the name our parents give us. 

How golfer Justin Thomas got his new nickname “One Bounce”…

Have you ever wondered why McDonald’s Coke tastes better than everyone else’s? Here’s why…

And watch Kids React to Guns N’ Roses!  LOL

Enjoy your Tuesday! ♥ Jennifer