The Wilde Ride for 08/21/17

Legendary entertainer, Jerry Lewis has passed away at the age of 91.

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins just signed a record breaking deal for the sequel.

‘Wonder Woman 2’: Patty Jenkins Signing Historic Deal to Become Highest Paid Female Director in Hollywood

Watching this litter vigilante kinda made my day. The litterbug deserved it!

Oreos are releasing a new fall flavor…and it’s not pumpkin spice.

The next Star Wars spin-off movie is going to be about Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The stunt that will take Tom Cruise out of action for 4 months, is not an easy one to nail. His stunt man also slammed into the wall of that building the day before.

Happy Eclipse Monday! ♥ Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 08/18/17

You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t drink from the water bottle you left in your car… but there’s a reason not to leave that bottle in there in the first place. It can catch your car on fire!

If you ever lose your wedding ring outside… plant some carrots in the area… they seem to be great at finding lost rings! Here’s the latest story.

660 News Calgary/Twitter

The next time you want to learn something, try exercising while you do it. Couldn’t hurt!

Aretha Franklin says she’s not to just sit around, even if she’s retired. So she’s opening a club in downtown Detroit called Aretha’s, so she and her friends can perform there.

When IKEA heard that Game of Thrones’ costume department was using their rugs as capes, they decided to create directions so you could do it too!

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday. ♥ Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 08/17/17

If you’ve ever gotten one of those robocalls from Resort Marketing Group about a free cruise with Carnival, Royal Caribbean or Norwegian Cruise Lines on either your landline or cellphone, you could get some money from this class action lawsuit against RMG. Enter your phone number here to find out.

I’d never heard of the practice of not eating during the time of an eclipse… interesting.

Once he’s done touring with Mariah Carey, Lionel Richie is headed back to Vegas for a residency.

Well this is one heck of a thrift shop find! Two college students who were shopping in a local thrift store in Titusville Florida found a set of NASA flight suits and bought them for 20 cents a piece. Now they’re expected to sell for at least $5,000 each at auction.

Taco Bell has another creation using a “taco shell” that’s not really a taco shell. Behold, the Naked Egg Taco.

Naked Egg Taco from Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Have you ever “penny poked” a friend? It’s the new way to say hi… with a few cents, or a few bucks if you’re really happy to virtually see them! If you ever wanna try it… I’m totally open to being penny poked on Venmo or PayPal!

It’s the moment Bonnie Tyler has been training for her whole career… Total Eclipse of the Heart will coincide with a total eclipse of the sun.

Happy Thursday, Wilde Ones! I hope your day is wonderful! ♥ Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 08/16 /17

While ABC was busy putting together a deal for Ryan Seacrest, Netflix was busy wooing away their other biggest talent… Shonda Rhimes.

Allure Magazine will not be using the term “anti-aging” anymore… and Helen Mirren is totally on board with the decision. She hates when people treat her like the 70-something she is.

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After you pass away, your ashes don’t need to sit on a mantle in an urn… they can help fertilize a houseplant or tree. A much better option if you ask me.

Amazon is creating ready to eat meals that will last a year… because your bomb shelter food could really use an upgrade.

Another week, another Hump Day! Happy Wednesday, Wilde Ones! ♥ Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 08/15 /17

Taylor Swift won her case against a former radio DJ who she says groped her before her Denver show in 2013. The jury agreed and ordered him to pay her $1.

It’s been a dangerous week in the film making world. Sadly, a female stunt person was killed on the set of Deadpool 2 during a motorcycle stunt. And Tom Cruise was also injured after slamming into a building during a failed stunt. Word is he broke two bones and will be out for months.

Madrid just had their first nap bar open. For less than $17, you can grab an hour long nap in a private room at Siesta and Go.

I wonder what these off-grid micro cabins cost because I want one!

Credit: Vlad Mitrichev

The biggest bounce house in the world is touring America! If you want to see where it’s going to be this summer and fall, check out the website

Happy Tuesday, Wilde Ones!! ♥ Jennifer