The Wilde Ride for 10/18/17

Google is expanding testing of its Project Wing delivery drones. They’re now delivering groceries and medicine to in rural areas in Australia.

McDonald’s wants to help families connect face to face over a meal… by locking up everyone’s phones.

Singapore McDonald's mobile phone locker
McDonald’s Singapore

Asics will let you customize your shoes in the future. You’ll choose the colors of your soles and bake them right in the store.

If you fly Delta, download their app and you’ll never have to check in again. Your boarding pass will just show up on your phone 24 hours before your flight.

Cookie Monster is getting his own cooking show segment on Sesame Street. Om nom nom…

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The Wilde Ride for 10/17/17

An unsent text on a man’s phone was accepted as his will by a court. They made an exception because his wife was cheating on him… and his labeled the text as “my will.”

A cigar, half-smoked by Winston Churchill, just sold at auction for more than $12,000.


The big scientific announcement we’ve been waiting for has finally happened. Scientists detected a binary neuron star collision! Read what they learned from the event here.

NASA/Swift/Dana Berry

This guy’s wife must have been horrible to live with. He camped out in the woods for 10 years to get away from her!

Here’s one way to make sure there are no spoilers or leaks for Game of Thrones finale season… no scripts.

Something for you 90’s kids. Rugrats Reptar Bars.

reptar bars


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The Wilde Ride for 10/16/17

Celebrity chefs have been feeding the homeless and hungry in Santa Rosa and in Puerto Rico. Guy Fieri lives in Santa Rosa and set up an outdoor kitchen to feed evacuees and rescue workers. And Chef Jose Andres has been away from his high end restaurants in LA and New York for awhile. First feeding those left homeless in Mexico after earthquake, and now he’s in Puerto Rico where he and a team of volunteers are trying to feed 100,000 meals a day

In the midst of all the sad stories after the California fire, it was nice to hear this one. A Santa Rosa family hiked through the burned ruins of their land to find their dog who got lost  in the evacuation commotion and found her alive and happy to see them!

Key West got their sign back! It was found 300 miles away.

Don’t wait until the day before Halloween to buy your candy… that’s when it’s the most expensive. Instead buy it on October 27th.

These two friends decided to skinny dip in the water underneath the Blue Ocean Music Hall in Salisbury, Massachusetts not realizing a wedding was happening there and they were in full view of the guests.

TechThisOut! I want this little camera!! It clips on to your glasses and takes photos and HD videos with the touch of a button. It’s called the Pogocam and it’s not out yet but if you sign up for updates you can get $20 off when they launch.

California just became the first state to ban the pet store sales of dogs from puppy mills. I hope every other state does the same! Forcing dogs to crank out puppies for profit when 1.5 million animals are euthanized in the US each year is just wrong.

The Bodyguard is 25 years old. And to celebrate, there’s a re-release of the film’s soundtrack with never-before-heard tracks from Whitney Houston.

Album Artwork

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The Wilde Ride for 10/13/17

These new Star Wars POWERbot vacuums would be the perfect gift for any Star Wars lover… because who doesn’t need clean floors?

Frankie Muniz revealed a secret health condition he’s been dealing on Dancing With the Stars, but he says it’s not a negative. I love his outlook on life… live today!!

Pizza Hut wants to keep you as warm as their pizzas this winter with a pizza parka made from the same materials as their new delivery pouches.

You just knew someone was going to do it… low fat avocados are here!

Chester Bennington’s Carpool Karaoke episode is online with the blessing of his family. It’s bittersweet to see him so happy just one week before he was gone. But this is a great episode.

We’re going to start seeing the genetically modified Artic Apples in stores soon. They don’t brown when you slice them.


Some people just ruin it for everyone. The owners of the “Breaking Bad” house say they’re tired of people tossing pizzas on their roof, so they’re building a fence.

Is sewage gold miner going to become a new job in Switzerland? They’ve got gold in the wastewater (and silver too!)

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The Wilde Ride for 10/12/17

In a historic decision, the Boy Scouts of America have decided that girls can join.

Amazon is working on ways to keep people from stealing your packages after they deliver them. Smart doorbells and license plate covers.

Do you remember those demanding little electronic pets called Tamagotchis? Well they just turned 20, so they’re being re-released just in time for Christmas.


Two General Mills cereals are getting holiday versions. You’ll soon see a cinnamon vanilla version of Lucky Charms and Hot Cocoa Cocoa Puffs.

Kathy Griffin’s replacement for the CNN New Year’s Eve Celebration has been announced. It’s Anderson Cooper’s long time friend, Andy Cohen!  I love those two together…. I think this’ll be a fun show.

One more day until Friday! Have a great Thursday!  Jennifer