The Wilde Ride for 08/04/17

What teachers want to say on the first day of school… (“Are those your eyebrows” had me laughing out loud.)

Teachers are READY!

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Do you have any old Pyrex dishes around? They could be worth a lot of money!

I think we’ve run out of body parts to use makeup on. Ear makeup is the latest trend. Are you going to rock some shimmery, glittery ears this summer?

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This sounds like a really cool way to view the upcoming solar eclipse!

I hope you have a happy Friday and a fantastic weekend.  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 08/03/17

Check out this calf, Genie, who was born looking like Gene Simmons from KISS. Isn’t she cute? \m/(>.<)\m/

Mariah Carey has some advice for Lionel Richie when it comes to joining American Idol… don’t do it.

Don’t forget that the price of a Senior Lifetime National Parks pass is going up at the end of the month… so if you’re 62 or older, get yours now while it’s $10! And spread the word!

Be careful when buying safety glasses to view the eclipse… there are a lot of fakes out there. NASA can help. They have a whole section of their website dedicated to safely viewing the eclipse, including tips on what to look for when buying safety glasses. I got mine here –

If you’re into the avocado everything craze… here’s a recipe for avocado ice cream you might want to try.

Happy Throwback Thursday (…to be followed by a Flashback Friday, in case you forgot to post something.) 😉  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 08/02/17

The decision has been made – Paris will host the Olympics in 2024 and LA will host in 2028.

HBO got hacked again. Hackers stole a few episodes of the shows ‘Ballers’ and ‘Room 104’ and a script for the next ‘Game of Thrones’ episode… and the hackers say that more is promised to be “coming soon.”

When facebook’s AI bots created their own robot language, they got shut down… at least for now.

Looking for a new job? If you have an advanced degree in physical science, engineering, or mathematics, you might want to apply to be NASA’s new Planetary Protection Officer.

One of the world’s oldest and grandest institutions of learning, The Natural History Museum, just got schooled by a 10 year old. Little Charlie pointed out a mistake that they’ve now corrected.

Like beer? Like fried chicken? Maybe you’d enjoy this new craft brew… Fried Fried Chicken Chicken.

Enjoy your Wednesday!  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 08/01/17

They had $3000 worth of their stuff stolen but they can’t file a police report because of the “free stuff” yard sale sign they had out at the curb.


Do you think cutting the amount of nicotine in cigarettes would help more people quit smoking? The FDA does.

TRL is coming back… but Carson Daly isn’t part of the plan. The new show will have 5 rotating co-hosts and airs in October on MTV.

This sounds like the coolest way to get to work!! Getting home after work would be a different story…

Want to eat at the most expensive restaurant in the world? It’s at the Hard Rock Cafe in Ibiza, Spain… check out Sublimotion.

I hope your week is going well. Enjoy your Tuesday!  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 07/31/17

It’s so sad to share yet another great entertainer’s passing… Sam Shepard died of ALS. 🙁

Sam Shepard

Be careful if you’re one of those people who works out REALLY hard… if you notice soreness, swollen muscles, stiffness and nausea, get to the doctor right away! You might have Rhabdomyolysis.

There’s a little black spot on the sun today (ok, actually it’s a pretty big one.) sunspot

Dr. Amanda Hess is one dedicated doctor. While she was in labor, she went down the hall and helped one of her patients deliver… then went back to her room and had her own baby.

Have a great Monday, Wilde Ones!!  Jennifer