The Wilde Ride for 06/19/17

You car horn is so one dimensional… so an engineer has created a new car horn that he says should be standard…the courtesy horn.

These days when a lot of companies aren’t given raises, they’re giving employees the next best thing…free time off by way of summer Fridays.

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s Office has released their full report of Carrie Fisher’s death and said she died of “sleep apnea and other causes.”

This guy will be having Father’s Day cards rolling in for years to come!

I hope you have a great Monday!  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 06/16/17

I love Fridays like this baby loves ice cream. 

Dads, check out the list of some of the places where you can eat for free on Father’s Day here.

#TechThisOut, Moby Mart is a mobile store on wheels that has food, magazine and even sneakers. No lines, no cashiers and no cash are involved… just an app. So cool!!

Remember when jeans didn’t come pre-muddied, didn’t have windows in the knees and covered both legs and your butt? The latest jeans trend to hit retail is a pair of jeans with no booty fabric. Can these even be called “pants?”

Aisha Tyler announced yesterday that she is leaving The Talk. She’s been with the show since 2011 and also does 3 other shows (Criminal Minds, Whose Line Is it Anyway, and Archer) so her schedule it already packed. But she recently got the opportunity to direct her first feature film and decided that’s the career direction she wants to go in… and there was no way to do it all.

Woo hoo! Friday!! I hope you have a good one.

The Wilde Ride for 06/15/17

Did you see Demi Moore on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon? She was there to promote her new movie Rough Night but before they got to the movie they discussed a photo of Demi that showed her missing a front tooth. She actually lost both teeth, due to stress.

Lady Gaga has teamed up with Starbucks to launch the Cups of Kindness collection… a portion of the sales from these 4 summer drinks will benefit her Born This Way Foundation.

If you’re having problems with your cat not eating, it might not mean they’re just finicky… they could be suffering from whisker fatigue.

It’s hard to believe that Mel Brooks has never performed in Las Vegas. But that’s about to change. He’ll be doing two nights only at Wynn Las Vegas at the end of this month.

There’s a new way to get an actual tan without damaging your skin. Researches have developed a drug, that when rubbed on the skin, starts the process of making melanin. It’s the only way I’ll ever have a real tan… but it’s not available to us quite yet.

The Netflix show “Black Mirror” is being turned into a book series that will be released next year. I can’t wait! And Season 4 of the show is coming later this year, including an episode directed by Jodie Foster.

Happy almost Friday!  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 06/14/17

Ladies in high heels can get a discount at a Hilton bar in Japan… the higher the heel, the bigger the discount.

Well this isn’t good… Samsung Galaxy S8 users say the iris scanner feature is hurting their eyeballs.  Do you have an S8? Have you experienced this?

Dog owners, if you give your dog rawhide chews take note of this recall of chews distributed by The United Pet Group.

Internet trolls are so annoying. But we all know you’re not supposed to feed the trolls by responding to their hateful comments. But a baker in New York says you should make them eat their own words. will take an internet comment, make it into a cake then box it up and mail it to the troll. (They even have a detective to hunt down their address for you…)

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The Wilde Ride for 06/13/17

If you’re fluent in more than one language, Netflix could have a job for you. They’re looking for people to translate programming and create subtitles for them. Translators can make a lot of money depending on what languages they speak. Payment goes up depending on the perceived difficulty of each language. To become a translator for Netflix you need to take a 90 minute test to prove your skills. You can take it here. 

Funko has multiple Diana Prince and Wonder Woman figures… so you can collect them all.

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How’d you like to move to Canada but still live in the US too? There’s actually a way to do it. There’s a house for sale that sits right on the border and occupies space in both countries. It’s half in Vermont and half in Quebec. If you’re looking for a fixer upper in two countries, check it out here. 

If you’re a fan of Mel Brooks’ classic Sci-Fi spoof, Space Balls, you might be interested in this awesome auction item. That huge helmet that Rick Moranis wore as Dark Helmet in the movie is up for auction at

There’s ANOTHER unicorn food???  Check out the “unicorn pizza“… which thankfully is not really a pizza.

Unicorn pizza exists and it’s basically a giant sugar cookie covered in fluffy cotton candy ✨🍕🦄 #cosmobites

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Ladies… would you ever wear this? Even as a joke?

Click the pic to buy the “Sexy Chest Tan Swimsuit”

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