The Wilde Ride Gear Is Here!

*** It’s the last day of the campaign! ***
Get your TWR collectibles now!

We thought it would be fun to put the new logo on some t-shirts and other things and offer them up to fans who want to get Wilde with me. I went a bit crazy with the tank top colors because I plan to make them a staple of my summer wardrobe (you can never have too many!) And who knows, one day I could be mega famous and you can say “I helped pay for her website with the purchase of this (now collector’s item) t-shirt back in the day!” Thanks so much for all of your support! Love you guys!  ♥ JW

Check out the new TWR gear here!

The Wilde Ride TeeThe Wilde Ride Ladies TeeThe Wilde Ride Tank purple

Welcome to The Wilde Ride

Well, this is it – the new website! I’m so happy to have a place for both my social media and radio listener Wilde Ones to come and see things mentioned on the show, chat with me and each other and take a break for a few. We have big plans for the future, so please sign up to get updates about what’s going on (I promise not to spam you or overwhelm your inbox with too many emails) and every month you’ll also be in the drawing for our t-shirt of the month. I love you all! ♥  Jennifer