The Wilde Ride for 08/14/17

Easy, 5 minute ice cream!

This video the cast put together to promote the digital, DVD/Blu-Ray release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is hilarious!

I want these chocolate glazed #KrispyKreme eclipse donuts right now!!!  MMMMMMMM!

You’ve heard about Goat Yoga… but another cute animal wants to work out with you too. Alpaca Dance Classes are now a thing! And I’ve found my dance partner♥ 

Alpaca Zone Dance

Taco Bell is testing out a limited run of burritos with spicy popping crystals. The new Firecracker Burritos consist of “rice, nacho cheese, sour cream, beef, and red tortilla strips” and little packets of sweet and spicy Pop Rocks.

How cool is Bruno Mars? He just donated $1 million dollars to to aid victims of the Flint Water crisis.

The state department has just put together a program to help women in STEM careers after being inspired by the movie Hidden Figures.

Have a great Monday!  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 08/11/17

Mel Flesher woke up to find that someone had stolen a dirt bike that she and her boyfriend just fixed up for his kids. So she did what so many of us do and took to facebook to vent about it. What happened next really surprised her.

Melissa Rivers is co-writing a tell-all book about her mother. It’s called “Joan Rivers Confidential – The unseen scrapbooks, joke cards, personal files, and photos of a very funny woman who kept everything.” It’s a long title but Melissa says she and her co-writer Scott Currie (Joan’s friend and former PR person) are holding nothing back with this book.

Emmy nominee Maya Rudolph is the first name confirmed with the new live remake of A Christmas Story… she’ll play Ralphie Parker’s mom.  The 3 hour live event will be executive produced by La La Land’s Mark Platt… but there’s no other casting information yet about who will play Ralphie himself or any of the other characters.

A big rig on Interstate 30 in Little Rock didn’t clear the bridge and the accident ripped open the trailer, dumping hundreds of frozen pizzas all over the road. Arkansas highway officials say luckily there were no injuries but there’s a slick spot on the road from the sauce, cheese and pepperoni. 

If you just can’t wait anymore to get your pumpkin spice latte fix, Starbucks has good news! 

I hope you have a fab Friday and a wonderful weekend. Catch ya later, Wilde Ones!! Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 08/10/17

11-year-old Luke Chacko is loving his newfound fame after killing it on stage with Idina Menzel in Dallas. She asked for kids to come up and sing “Let It Go” with her. When she singled out the only boy in the group and asked him if he knew the song… she got a big surprise. 

There’s a new Lucille Ball biopic called “Lucy and Desi” written by Aaron Sorkin, coming to Amazon. And it will star Cate Blanchett as Lucy. No one has been cast for Desi, Fred or Ethel, yet.

Fans of Cheetos can enjoy them fine dining style during New York’s restaurant week. Check out this pop-up restaurant called The Spotted Cheetah.

Harlem Globetrotters player Bull Bullard just sank an incredible shot from a helicopter!

Happy Thursday! ♥ Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 08/09/17

Letterman’s coming back to the small screen (on Netflix this time) and he’s keeping the beard.

Studies show that people perceive food as tastier when they dine with others. But what if you eat alone a lot? Scientists say hang a mirror in the dining room.

Next time you watch Game of Thrones, see if those capes look familiar. They might look like the IKEA rug you’re resting your feet on.

Here’s an interesting way of seeing architecture… reflected in water droplets.

Church of Saint Sava, Belgrade, Serbia

It’s so hard to take the perfect selfie… but there’s a team working on an app that can get you closer.

University of Waterloo

A 3D version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller is being screened at the Venice Film Festival. And there is a shocking surprise in there.

Halfway through this work week! Hope you have a happy Wednesday.  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 08/08/17

Adios, Glen Campbell. 

#TechThisOut… a connected coffee table that’s also a hidden fridge.

Next time you get a little sunburn you might already have relief around. Grab a slice of watermelon and apply.

Next time you leave your dog home alone, maybe they’d enjoy listening to a book while you’re gone. Audible for dogs has a selection of books you’ll both enjoy.

Jack Davis says he’d be perfect for NASA’s new Planetary Protection Officer… because his sister thinks he might be an alien. So he applied for the job and got a return letter!

Nabisco has put out another new flavor of Oreos. This time it’s PB&J.

This company thought they’d make the swastika peaceful again… guess how that worked out?

New clothing brand wants to bring back the swastika as a fashion logo KA Design/ Facebook

Hope you have a great Tuesday! ♥ Jennifer