The Wilde Ride for 07/14/17

The Emmy nominations have been announced. And Carrie Fisher was nominated posthumously for best guest actress for her role in the Amazon series, Catastrophe.

Who wouldn’t want a huge Guy Fieri face on their swimsuit?? They also have Donald Trump, Vladamir Putin, Steve Buscemi and Nicholas Cage versions.

Congratulations to New England Patriots wide receiver and two time superbowl champion, Danny Amendola… he just became the first NFL player ever to sign with Ford Modeling agency.

Imagine pulling up to the ATM and when your receipt comes out, there’s a note with it asking for help. A man who was sent to fix the lock on an ATM room wound up trapped inside without his phone and had to get creative to get rescued.

Your home can now look like a Lady Gaga or Beyonce outfit. IKEA has teamed up with fashion activist Bea Åkerlund for the “Goth and Glam” collection which will debut next year.


And Beyoncé has revealed twins Sir and Rumi for the first time. Hard to believe they’re already a month old!

Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today.

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Happy Friday, Wilde Ones! Have a great weekend!

The Wilde Ride for 07/13/17

When encountering two black bears during a training run, Moninda Marube said he had three choices… climb a tree, jump in the lake or run. Knowing he couldn’t swim and that bears can climb faster than him, he said there was really only one choice – he did the thing he does best and sprinted out of there as fast as he could!

Disney can’t seem to find the perfect Aladdin for the new live action movie… so twitter is helping them.

How does the combination of avocado and greek yogurt sound? If you said “delicious” you can now get some at Trader Joe’s. But please don’t eat it in front of me. Just reading about it made me gag a little.

The show started off with Rob not being able to see that well and a guy falling on him in his wheelchair… but it turned out to be one of the best nights of his life when he got to crowd surf and wound up on stage with Coldplay!

I just signed up for … have you checked it out yet? High quality, non-brand, items that are only $3 each.

I hope your Thursday is great! ♥ Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 07/12/17

Over the weekend I opened the balcony door to water my plants and scared a pigeon who was out there. Then I noticed a whole bunch of bird poop and a collection of 6 small sticks and some feathers. It looked like the pigeon was in the very early stages of making a nest and I didn’t want that pile of pigeon poo to grow, so I cleaned up the sticks and moved some pots around to cover the area to discourage any nest building. Then on Monday, I opened the door to water the plants and again a pigeon flew away… and in the flower pot I’d moved to discourage nest building was this…
Displaying 20170709_182056.jpg

So now, even though I didn’t want it…we’re expecting a baby pigeon. We’ve been keeping the dog away from the egg and now we feel like we can’t go out on the balcony because we want to make sure the egg hatches and don’t want to scare away the pigeons sitting in the pot.
Displaying 20170711_102314.jpg

We learned that the male and female take turns sitting on the nest (or pot), it takes about 17-19 days for an egg to hatch, and baby pigeons are UGLY. So ugly they’re cute though! We’re now looking forward to our ugly little pot pigeon hatching in a couple weeks. I’ll post updates here!

Your haircut clippings of the future could be used to clean up oil spills in the ocean. I’m in! I have a lot of hair, so I’d have quite a bit to donate after each hair cut… just tell me where to send it!

Amazon’s artificial intelligence knows what you want on your iPhone case… foot fungus, men in diapers and armpit waxings. An AI bot has gone a bit off the rails.

We radio personalities do our best when it comes to requests… but when you head to the radio station with an axe we probably won’t be playing your song!

Hopkinsville, Kentucky was a relatively unknown town by most of the country until this year. Now they’re expecting 100,000 people on August 21st who want to be in the path of totality when the eclipse happens. 

And Kermit the Frog is getting a new voice. You can hear the new Kermet in the upcoming Muppet Thought of the Week.

Humpday y’all… we’re more than halfway to Friday!

The Wilde Ride for 07/11/17

Prince music is back on the internet! His estate seems to have worked out a deal with youtube to promote the Purple Rain Deluxe album, because the site he once threatened to sue, is now hosting an official Prince account.

Rosa Dominguez hasn’t been playing the lottery for very long because she’s just 19… but she just won… for the second time… in a week!

Men, want to live longer? Marry a young wife. They’re not sure why it works but according to research, it does.

Daniel Craig must have been offered a big paycheck because after saying he never wanted to shoot another Bond movie… it looks like he will. 

#TechThisOut… there’s a new toothbrush that will clean every surface of your teeth in just 10 seconds. It’s called the Amabrush.

And check out this amazing lightning display in a storm in northwest Kansas.

Have an awesome Tuesday!  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 07/10/17

This is such a sweet story… Will Seaton proposed to his girlfriend and her sister.

William Seaton proposed to his girlfriend Ashley Schaus and her sister, Hannah. (Bret & Brandie Photography via The NY Post)

A hamster who wasn’t moving in its cage for 3 days was taken to the vet who found nothing wrong with it. Then after asking the family if anything traumatic had happened to the little pet, she figured out what was wrong…

Would you want to live just a minute or two away from the office? Facebook’s new Willow Campus will house 1500 employees in their own facebook neighborhood once it’s built.

Have you see Baby Driver yet? It could be getting a sequel. 

The only thing I like more than a beach is a private, hidden beach!! Check this out. 

Happy Monday! Hope yours is good. Jennifer