The Wilde Ride for 11/20/2020

I’m OK with the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree… it matches the rest of 2020. I am sad though about the little owl who lost its tree home and was taken far away from the place where it was living.

The kids (and adults too!) can see the Peanuts holiday specials on TV this season after all.

Tom and Jerry got a reboot.

Speaking of movies… Wonder Woman 1984 is finally going to be released. In a very unique way.

Looks like Apple will pay another $113 million to settle “batterygate.”

People are still using the worst passwords you can use.

With unemployment so high this year, there will be a lot of families in need this Christmas. So if you’re doing OK and can help someone else out, go to starting on December 4th and pick out a family or child to adopt this Christmas. Or you can write a letter if your family needs help.

This man basically won the lottery when a meteorite crashed through the roof of his house.

That’s a wrap on this week’s blog. I hope you have a good weekend! Talk to you on Monday. <3 Jennifer

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