The Wilde Ride for 11/19/2020

I didn’t think it was possible to love Dolly Parton more. Then I read this.

Congrats to Micheal B. Jordan, People Magazine’s new Sexiest Man Alive.

Platypuses glow under a blacklight. And scientists are trying to figure out why.

Conan O’Brien is leaving his show on TBS next year and starting a new one on the streaming service HBO Max.

Twitter is coming to the disappearing post party with Fleets.

Can you smell ants? If you can, you might not realize that most other people can’t. Here are some other genetic anomalies you might have.

Here are some details about how to make the perfect pie. (I’m just gonna buy frozen pie crusts but if I had time or energy I’d follow this guide!)

The McRib is coming back in December.

And with that… I’ll end today’s blog. See you tomorrow! <3 Jennifer

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