The Wilde Ride for 05/21/2020

Pier One is closing down all its stores. 🙁 So if you want something from them, get it online now as they liquidate.

Many of the world’s museums will not be able to open again, so make sure you support the ones we have left when you get the chance.

Students at a university in Japan got to attend graduation virtually using robots.

BBT University

If you’re planning some future travel abroad, hopefully you already have a passport because it’ll be hard to get one for a while.

The royal swans will not be counted this year.

People are just discovering that the pizza they ordered from “Pasqually’s” is coming from Chuck E Cheese. They have an online ordering alter ego.

And for the first time in 20 years, AAA won’t be issuing a Memorial Day travel advisory. So few people are traveling that’s it not necessary.

It’s Friday Eve! Are you still feeling good about a weekend or are all the days blending for you? I’m still working, so I’m happy tomorrow is Friday. See you then! <3 Jennifer

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