The Wilde Ride for 05/18/2020

A pandemic doesn’t create caring or selfish people, it simply reveals them. If a restaurant needs to add a COVID-19 surcharge so they can stay open, I’m happy to pay it.

Kellogg’s released a new version of the Fruit Loops mascot Toucan Sam and didn’t get the reaction they were probably hoping for.

A biochemicals company in the Netherlands that is making “all-plant” bottles from sustainably grown crops and some big companies are already backing them.

Fraggle Rock is coming back after 33 years. Parents can bond with their kids with a show they grew up on.

A priest came up with a unique way to give a blessing during COVID-19. He put the holy water in a squirt gun.

Yep… Monday again. I hope you’re doing OK. Sending you big waves of love. <3 Jennifer

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