The Wilde Ride for 03/23/2020

I’m so sad that Kenny Rogers passed away. His music was a huge part of my childhood. It just made a sad week sadder.

Don’t be worried about kids in quarantine being bored. Boredom is good for their growth.

Here’s a reminder to heed during the quarantine. DO NOT flush anything other than toilet paper. It’s creating blockages and damage to sewer systems… and that’s the LAST thing we need during this time.

Here’s something that might lift your spirits from your home isolation. The cherry bloom cam at the National Mall in DC.

NASA has proven that sometimes all you need is a little whack to get things going again.

Disney & the Kennedy Space Center are offering free online activities for kids during school closures.

We now have more time to pay AND file our taxes. The new deadline is July 15th.

Neil Diamond has re-written “Sweet Caroline” for the coronavirus era.

Adam Lambert says he’d like to portray George Michael on the big screen.

Here’s some more free education for you. Enter FREEMO at to try them out for a month for free.

I hope you and yours are staying safe. Sending so much love out to you guys. <3 Jennifer

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