The Wilde Ride for 03/20/2020

Some good news regarding COVID-19. If we observe social distancing, maybe we’ll be where China is now. Don’t get complacent! Stay home!

Here’s another way to have a movie night with someone who isn’t quarantined with you: Netflix Party.

Or, if you’re more into theater, check out Broadway HD‘s free trial.

And Google Arts and Culture website has a wealth of art that could keep you busy for weeks.

Could this pandemic mean the end of malls?

Beware of fake coronavirus tracking apps that install malware and track you.

You have to admire the sense of community in Italy, the hardest-hit country by the virus (recently surpassing China.) They’re playing “Quarantine Bingo” together… shouting out the numbers down the line of apartments. I find it beautiful.

That’s it for today, friends. It’s been one heckuva week. Stay safe. Keep your distance. And keep your hope alive. We will get through this together. <3 Jennifer

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