The Wilde Ride for 01/14/2020

People are using the Ben Solo Challenge to get ripped arms. Get two lightsabers and read on…

At the first sign of a sore throat, gargle with warm salt water. It will pull some of the virus out of your throat tissue and ease the pain.

A huge Harry Potter store is coming to New York City.

I don’t think Harry and Meghan will have any trouble supporting themselves without the royal family. Meghan already has a job. But her paycheck won’t go to her… it’s going to the couple’s newly formed charity foundation.

Iran’s top female athlete has defected. But she might still compete in the Olympics later this year.

I might quit my job and go manage a Taco Bell!

These temporary tattoos are way cooler than the “Lick ’em and stick ’em versions we had as kids!

I hope your Tuesday is going great. Catch ya tomorrow! <3 Jennifer

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