The Wilde Ride for 12/20/19

If you find yourself in an awkward conversation over the holidays, Alexa could rescue you by changing the subject.

Sleeping next to a partner who snores could be taking years off your life.

Are you going to the movies this weekend? Will you see this?

Or this?

Samsung is working on another foldable device.

I hope you have fantastic weekend and a wonderful holiday season, no matter what you celebrate. I’m taking the week off next week to celebrate Christmas with the family and to get some work done on my new photography business. So I’ll see you in the blog in the new year. Love you! <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 12/19/19

Some kids at a school in Ireland are getting a different kind of homework that’s good for the soul instead of the brain.

A new clinical trial could be the fountain of youth. But if you want to get in on the clinical trial, it’ll cost you a million dollars. (Can I borrow a million dollars from one of you?)

Starbucks has a new secret menu drink that you can order to celebrate The Rise of Skywalker…the Chewbacca Frappuccino. And it looks darn tasty!

Adam Driver walked out of an interview and started an online conversation about mental health… and got more promotion than he bargained for his movie.

A man who robbed a caricature artist let the artist draw his likeness first… and that’s now the wanted poster that’s helping police find him.

That’s it for today. See tomorrow… on a FUH RI DAY! <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 12/18/19

Star Trek: Picard is such a big hit before it even debuts, that it’s getting a season 2.

Do you eat snacks made by Nabisco? You could win $10,000 if you share a photo of yourself doing it!

To celebrate its 35th anniversary, Last Christmas got a 4K restoration.

And there’s a behind-the-scenes video…

Everybody is going electric right now. Even Ferrari!

A little squirrel who was rescued on the side of the road in the rain, is now living his best holiday life in a Christmas tree.

Looking for a sound effect? Try the BBC sound effect library for free.

The latest beauty trend on Instagram is wavy lips… and it’s super creepy.

Candles can make a great gift for any gender and these gender fluid scents from sound so delicious.

This could be an easy way to get healthier for 2020… eat more chilies.

Do you have any LEGO bricks that aren’t being played with? Why not give them a new home with a child in need?

I just finally bought my last Christmas gift… now I can relax for the rest of the week… sorta. I mean I am working, but my holiday stress is now lower. See ya tomorrow, friends! <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 12/17/19

Need to know how many decorations to get for your tree? This bauble calculator can help.

If you have a Ford Super Duty truck, take note of this recall which was just announced.

The briefcase that Meghan Markle used to open on the show Deal Or No Deal is up for auction starting today.

Even if you did have to give it back, it would be exciting to wake up to millions of extra dollars in your bank account.

And speaking of giving it back, a woman in Foley, Alabama just had some money returned to her that was stolen almost 20 years ago… she’s calling it a Christmas blessing.

More Baby Yoda toys are coming… and just like the first one, these won’t ship until spring. But you can pre-order them now.

If the kids didn’t get to see Santa in person (even if they did) you might want to book a live video chat with him.

Happy Tuesday, my peeps. Catch ya tomorrow. <3 Jennifer