The Wilde Ride for 11/06/19

This craze over a sandwich is getting out of control. A man was stabbed and killed during a fight the erupted in a line for the new Popeyes chicken sandwich.

Alright, alright, alright… Matthew McConaughey is now on instagram.

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An old painting of Jesus that almost got tossed in the trash just sold at auction for millions.

Here’s something you don’t see livestreamed every day… brain surgery.

Microsoft Japan tested out a 4 day workweek and it was a huge success!

The second recipient of the Carol Burnett award at the Golden Globes will be Ellen DeGeneres.

Instead of punishing their son for his extensive doodling during class, they redirected his passion and now he has a job.

YESSSS! I’d be more willing to move to Mars if there were fresh hot cookies there!

Olivia Newton John just donated some of her Grease outfits to an auction to raise money for breast cancer research.


That’s what’s going on today. See ya tomorrow. <3 Jennifer

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