The Wilde Ride for 11/27/19

One more day ’til we put on our Thanksgiving pants!

Just because someone gets older, it doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a good time at a nightclub. Elder dance parties are a big deal in London!

Here’s a great reason to meditate… especially as you get older.

Williams Sonoma has just released an entire line of Star Wars themed Instant Pots.

Red Lobster has a holiday shop that includes a sweater with a biscuit pocket!

Have some difficult relatives to deal with this Thanksgiving? Here are some coping mechanisms.

If off to go make some pies now. Thanks for being part of my world. I’m thankful for you! Have a great Thanksgiving and I’ll see you next week! <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 11/26/19

To celebrate the upcoming release of “Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker” United has a new Star Wars themed plane.

United Airlines Star Wars
United Airlines

Now that I know this can be done, I’ll have some high expectations next time I take my car in for service!

Bless the helper dogs and humans who are rescuing the poor koalas in the Australian bushfires.

A whole lot of LPs are being digitized to save them forever on the internet.

Hope your week is going well. It’s going to be a short blog week because of the holiday, but I’ll be back tomorrow with a bit more reading material for you before calling it a week! <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 11/25/19

Yes, it’s Monday again. But it’s a short week that ends with pie so we can do this!!

Baby Yoda merchandise is coming soon!

Looks like Days of Our Lives will get a season 56 after all.

Levi is using new technology called “cottonizing” that softens hemp so it looks and feels like cotton with only half the carbon footprint.

Researchers have found that the more “green space” around humans, the healthier they are – physically and emotionally.

Joker is now the most profitable comic book film in history.

Christopher Walken has given the cinematic world some very memorable performances but he can’t seem to escape people who want to give him “more cowbell.” He told Will Ferrell that sketch ruined his life.

A Safeway employee saved an elderly woman from getting scammed. Make sure your loved ones know about the gift card scam!

Hello is the fragrance you’re looking for.

We’re just starting to see the effects of the recession 10 years ago at Christmas tree farms.

That’s it for now. See ya tomorrow, Wilde Ones! <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 11/22/19

Wow… I can’t even believe this is a real story. Someone actually suggested that Julia Roberts be cast as Harriet Tubman.

Uber is going to start recording rides to make their service safer.

Google could be your on-demand newscaster.

I broke a tooth and my mouth is kinda throbby, so I’m going to cut this short and go take some pain reliever. Hope you have a nice Friday! <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 11/21/19

Lizzo is the most nominated artist at the Grammys this year with eight nominations. She’s up for an award in all of the big four categories: record of the year (“Truth Hurts”), album of the year (Cuz I Love You (Deluxe)), song of the year (“Truth Hurts”) and best new artist. Here’s the rest of the list…

There’s a new way to calculate how old your dog is in human years. Find the conversion tool here.

Tom Hanks just found out that he’s related to Mr. Rogers! How cool is this?

Michael McDonald is reuniting with Doobie Brothers for 50th anniversary tour.

Clean up your junk. Then buy some new stuff from Marie Kondo.

Get some art history lessons free from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s publication section of their website.

I get a little bummed out when the days get shorter and darker earlier. I clearly could not handle life in Utqiagvik, Alaska.


A Christmas Story Kurt Adler UL 10-Lights Leg Lamp Light Set (CS9141)

That’s it for today! See ya on Friday, friends! <3 Jennifer