The Wilde Ride for 10/07/19

Happy Monday. Here’s some stuff going on right now…

Ginger Baker, drummer and co-founder of Cream, has passed away after being ill for some time.

Alex Trebek says he’s “hangin’ in” while he undergoes another round of chemo.

Saying it’s a public safety issue, officials are asking facebook to reconsider implementing end-to-end encryption in messenger.

After the success of their dog advent calendar last year, Trader Joe’s is releasing a cat version this year.

The controversy didn’t hurt Joker at all. It wound up at number one and broke records while doing it.

Do you type just as fast on your phone as you do on a keyboard. A lot of us do… but not me.

Ew, no.

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ready for a weekend run #upcycledshoes by me

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This woman freaked out the staff when she went to the ER in zombie makeup after having a panic attack.

woman with zombie makeup and eyes closed laying down

Nestlé Japan is getting rid of the plastic Kit Kat wrappers and replacing them with a paper version that can be used for origami (complete with directions on how to make a paper crane.)

The band KISS is going to play a show for sharks… and you, if you want to buy a ticket!

And finally, crotch cams… good idea at races or not?

Happy Monday, everybody! <3 Jennifer

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