The Wilde Ride for 10/18/19

Mothers who are stressed out are more likely to have a girl baby than a boy.

We’re trying to send people to Mars. But could there be something dangerous waiting there?

For the classic car lover who also loves modern technology, there’s a company that can give you both.

Looking to record an album? Consider Iceland because they’ll give you a 25% rebate!

If you have a baby, you might want to start making your own food! This is scary.

I love the new Virgin Galactic spacesuits from Under Armour! They look like something from a movie.


Have you ever wanted to stay in Barbie’s Dream House? You can now, thanks to Airbnb!

Have a fab Friday and a wonderful weekend! Love ya! <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 10/17/19

If you see kids with blue pumpkins this Halloween it could be because they have Autism.

I really hope the rumors of a Fresh Prince spinoff are true!

I love these new sticky notes featuring Bob Ross paintings and quotes. They’re the perfect thing to create a happy little grocery list.

There are some new words in the Oxford English Dictionary. My favorite new entry is “Jafaican.”

This is scary. A man stalked a Japanese pop star by using the reflections in her eyes in selfies to figure out where she lived.

A man who was held in a secret room by his father for almost a decade escaped and got help for his siblings after a trip to a local bar. WOW.

I hope your week is going well. I’ll catch ya here (and on the air) again tomorrow. <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 10/16/19

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has released the list of nominees for the 2020 class. Now it’s up to you to vote for your favorites.

The Food Network is looking for chefs and cooks who’d like to be part of their new show Supermarket Stakeout. If you’d like to apply, go to

Harley Davidson has halted production of its new electric bike due to charging issues.

If you had a Yahoo account in 2012-2016 you could have some cash coming to you from a data breach settlement.

If you’ve ever had Thrifty ice cream you know about the iconic scoop they used… and now it’s for sale!

Here it is in action, thanks to ill irene s.

“The Batman” now has a Catwoman. Zoe Kravitz landed that role.

What’s your favorite Halloween candy? Here’s what a random sampling of Americans said.

Here’s the full list of everything coming to Disney+ when it starts streaming.

If you have brown eyes like I do, you may not be seen as the most attractive but you are seen as kind, reliable, patient.

Have a great Wednesday! Talk to you later! <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 10/15/19

HBO is going to start using mental health disclaimers before shows that depict mental illness as part of an effort to destigmatize mental illness and create conversations about it.

Looking for something different for this year’s Jack O’Lantern? Check out this tutorial for how to make Galaxy Pumpkins.

PetSmart now has guinea pig Halloween costumes and they’re the cutest little costumes I’ve ever seen! Wonder how guinea pigs feel about being dressed up…


Tea is healthy… the tea bags it comes in apparently aren’t! Spoiler: use an infuser.

Uber is testing out a pilot program called Uber Pet that will allow riders to bring their pet along for the ride for a few extra bucks.

The “Most Mysterious Song on the Internet” is still a mystery.

I hope your week is going great so far. I’ll catch ya tomorrow on Hump Day! 😉 <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 10/14/19

I was so sad to see that Robert Forster passed away. He died on the day I was watching him in the Netflix movie El Camino. He was great in it. 🙁

She did it!!

Eddie Van Halen has supposedly been going to Germany for treatment for throat cancer.

How cool is this? A bookshelf you can climb!

Sesame Street is tackling a big issue… opioid addiction.

Here’s the perfect gift for the Star Wars lover who enjoys cooking in high quality cookware.

Le Creuset

Wanna buy Kurt Cobain’s old cardigan and other pieces of musical history?

You might want to rethink that motion detection camera inside your house.

Tiger Woods is going to be designing mini-golf courses now.

Have a great Monday and kick this week off in a fab way! Love you! <3 Jennifer