The Wilde Ride for 09/20/19

Typing might feel more efficient, but handwriting is better for your brain.

Will vaping ads wind up going the way of cigarette ads? Everybody is starting to drop them.

If you got excited when you saw Hostess post a photo of the new peanut butter and pickle Twinkies, sorry to break the news but it’s not real.

Facebook has a couple of new products coming. One is a new version of the Portal and the other is a pair of smart glasses made in partnership with Ray Ban.

You really can make money doing just about anything on the internet. This woman makes over $100,000 a year with her very long tongue posts on instagram.

How do you get your good ideas? Here’s how 25 famous women get theirs.

Have a great Friday, Wilde Ones! See you on Monday! <3 Jennifer

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