The Wilde Ride for 09/13/19

So sad to wake up to this news that Eddie Money has died. 18

I guess these guys really weren’t playin’ when it came to their food!

“Sober September” is the new “Dry January” and that could be trouble for the hard seltzer industry that’s been raking in cash all summer.

This could be the end of flavored e-cigarettes.

Was this a protest against the rich, or just a random moment of destruction?

A new smart cane could totally change the way blind people get around in the world. It’s called WeWALK.

Pam and Angela from “The Office” are starting an “Office Ladies” podcast!

I’m not superstitious so it takes more than a 13 to ruin a Friday for me! Hope you have a great Friday and a fab weekend! <3 Jennifer

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