The Wilde Ride for 09/04/19

Two counties in Nevada have declared a state of emergency prior to the “Storm Area 51” festival.

Don’t worry so much about your teen’s cellphone use hurting their mental health. It probably isn’t.

When Dierks Bentley got busted for fishing without a license, he had to warn his buddy Luke Bryan, who was doing the same thing.

The Notorious RBG gave marriage advice to J-Lo and A-Rod…

Really, dude? You’re actually suing over a chicken sandwich??

I was sorry to hear the news that Gordon Bressack, producer of the Animaniacs and other shows, had passed away. He’s the reason my son learned all the nations of the world. In such a fun way too!

God bless this woman. She took almost 100 homeless dogs into her home during Hurricane Dorian.

Happy Wednesday! <3 Jennifer

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