The Wilde Ride for 08/14/19

Cleaning your house can relieve stress. And watching other people clean theirs can do the same thing.

Having a cup of coffee after dinner probably won’t affect you like you think it will.

When his Grandma Joy said she regretted not ever seeing the mountains or going camping, Brad Ryan decided to change that.

The “Storm Area 51” event on facebook has turned into a real event… Alien Stock.

Mushrooms could help save us from plastic. There’s one type that eats it!

The NFL is getting into the world of legalized sports betting.

Flat Earther “Mad Mike Hughes” had his recent launch thwarted by a Craigslist water heater but he’ll try again this weekend.

Check this out. A guy just baked bread using 4,500 year old yeast.

I hope you have a Wilde Wednesday! See you tomorrow! <3 Jennifer

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