The Wilde Ride for 08/08/19

This is such a sweet story. I hope they do inspire other people to adopt senior shelter dogs.

Krispy Kreme is killing me… how can I stay sugar free with this popping up all over my social media feed?

This guy is so lucky. He got back almost all of the cash he had stored in a shoebox that took quite a ride to the recycling facility.

How do you stop aggressive birds from bullying people and stealing their food? Bring in bigger birds to scare them.

Apple Pay is now starting to roll out to a preview group and everyone else should be invited to apply for it later this month.

Walgreens is going to save some money by closing down about 200 stores.

Thousands of tardigrades (also known as “water bears”) are stranded on the moon after a crash landing.

Have a great Thursday! <3 Jennifer

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