The Wilde Ride for 07/31/19

Another day, another data breach… this time it’s Capital One. If you’re involved, expect them to contact you soon.

This will probably be the most successful PTO fundraiser of the year.

Every seen a beaver’s teeth and wondered why they’re orange? It’s the iron in them.

This sounds way more happy than cocktails… real tails, wagging!

It’s almost August… time to put the Christmas tree up!

7/11 has started a college fund for the “7/11 baby” who now has the nickname “Lucky Lady.”

Every time I see a story about Arkansas’ Crater of Diamonds State Park I wanna go… and I still haven’t. But this teacher did and he found a big one!

CRISPR gene editing could be used inside the human body for the first time to cure a genetic form of blindness.

Is it the weekend yet? It’s been a long week already… how you doin’? <3 Jennifer

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