The Wilde Ride for 07/30/19

Should Halloween be officially celebrated the last Saturday of October?

Crazy! An asteroid that could’ve wiped out a city just passed by Earth and we didn’t know it was coming.

This is the best. This guy started singing the opening line to The Circle of Life from The Lion King and a donkey came over to sing with him on camera.

Have you ever ordered food delivery and thought you should have had more fries in the order? This could be why.

This woman charges men $150 an hour to clean her place. I’m obviously not doing life right!!

To fall asleep faster and stay asleep better at night, try a warm bath or shower first.

An asteroid buzzed the earth last week and got really close (at least by space standards.) It got closer to us than the moon.

Do you like to shop using coupons, apps and other money saving tactics? You might be perfect for this job!

If you have problems hearing in noisy areas, Google has an app that can help.

Have a terrific Tuesday! <3 Jennifer

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