The Wilde Ride for 07/25/19

The trailer for the Harriet Tubman story “Harriet” is out and it looks incredible.

If you like wine, cheese and crackers… you can get a version of that all in one box.

Facebook’s kids’ messaging app failed to do the one job it was created to do.

It took awhile but women are finally seen as equally competent as men.

Coca Cola is about to start selling its first alcoholic drink.

A toddler wound up with a not very nice birthday cake message after a Walmart worker misheard what her mom wanted written on the cake.

How do you cut your sandwich? Most chefs say you should use the diagonal cut which results in two triangle sandwich halves, and the illusion of less crust.

Ellen Barkin wants to make sure that there are no movies made about “childhood heroes” who are frauds, so she posted this comment (language warning) and it started a whole thread of stories about stars who crushed childhood dreams.

The man who found the Titanic is now going to try and find Amelia Earhart’s plane.

Spicy foods could be messing with your memory.

Finally, liking bland foods is gonna pay off for me! See ya tomorrow! <3 Jennifer

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