The Wilde Ride for 07/09/19

Chef José Andrés has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and I hope he gets it. He’s an amazing human being.

You can now take your Amazon returns to any Kohl’s store and they’ll box it up and send it back for you, for free.

If you want to take a Disney vacation, you might want to wait until summer is over. Crowds will be thinner and tickets will be cheaper.

Old tech meets new tech in the world’s first bluetooth cassette player.

How many movie pass users are going to hang in there and keep the service? It’s down for a good chunk of summer so they can update the Movie Pass app.

Garth Brooks has announced a new tour… of dive bars.

Disney has released the trailer for the live action version of Mulan.

Cold showers could help you lose weight! I’ll be right back…

Yeah… this is not a flattering resemblance at all.

That’s a wrap on Tuesday’s show blog… catch ya back here tomorrow. <3 Jennifer

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