The Wilde Ride for 07/08/19

Cameron Boyce was only 20-years-old… such a sad story.

Say a prayer and send some good vibes Stevie Wonder’s way. He needs an emergency kidney transplant.

Joey Chestnut won his 12th hot dog eating competition on the 4th of July and took some time to slam a documentary about competitive eating.

They tried to let as much of the alcohol burn up as they could, but the runoff from the Jim Beam blaze is killing thousands of fish as it makes its way to the Ohio River.

Mad Magazine is folding… but will continue to put out some “best-of” editions for awhile. You can only get them at comic book shops or through a subscription.

Wanna be a paid cookie tester and take me (or some other friend is you want) to your gig in Scotland? Check this out.

A solution to that friend (or partner) who says they’re not hungry then pick off your plate.

Is your baby/toddler always reaching for your cellphone? Try an oldschool way of keeping them tech happy… buy them a calculator.

There’s been one cast announcement in the live action remake of The Little Mermaid. Halle Bailey will play the lead. But what about Ursula and the others? No official word yet… but there are some rumors.

I hope your week is off to a great start. Catch ya tomorrow, Wilde Ones! <3 Jennifer

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