The Wilde Ride for 06/10/19

Looking for a natural way to keep bugs away? Check out these recipes to make your own bug repellent.

Soon, Walmart will not only delivery your groceries but put them away as well.

I can’t remind people about this enough. Your dog could die in a hot car in just SIX MINUTES. Don’t leave your dog alone in a car for even a little while.

Google found itself in a Catch 22 with that big outage the other day. The tools they needed to fix things in the cloud were inaccessible… because they were in the cloud.

What a great plan! A high school cross country track team teamed up with a local shelter to give the homeless dogs a nice run and some companionship.

Heinz superfan Ed Sheeran now has his own ketchup bottle and you can buy one at

A teen who was pulled over for speeding told police he HAD to speed because he’d eaten a bunch of hot wings and needed a bathroom fast!

NASA wants to send you to space… if you have millions of dollars to spend getting there.

For 40 years, many have tried to crack open a safe in a museum in Alberta, Canada. No one was successful until now.

Well, now BraGaga can finally be a thing…

Hope you have a good Monday. I’m still trying to finish up my weekend work. I was so busy, I didn’t even shop for groceries yet. I need an extra day in my weekend, how ’bout you? <3 Jennifer

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