The Wilde Ride for 05/03/19

If you like tending to plants while nude, tomorrow is a great holiday for you. It’s World Naked Gardening Day. (Warning, there is nudity if you click through to the site.)

This pool float with a chest holder started out as an April Fools’ joke. But so many women said they needed one, that Bravissimo created it.

Lilo in Pink by Bravissimo

Whoops! Typos REALLY changed the meaning of bill in Canada. They’re now one step closer to legalized cannibalism.

Alex Trebek says he’s doing OK, but there’s one part of cancer treatment he wasn’t ready for… deep, deep sadness. 🙁

Will you be heading to Galaxy’s Edge this summer?

Drones could rush organs more quickly to patients in need, saving more lives. And the first real-life test of an organ delivery drone was a big success.

If you can’t keep a plant alive, maybe you need a personal robot plant butler to help you! Check out Hexa.


Have a g great weekend! <3 Jennifer

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