The Wilde Ride for 05/22/19

Whitney Houston will be going back on tour in hologram form. Would you go see your favorite artist from the past as a projection?

Whole Foods is about to cut WAY back on plastic waste. They’re getting rid of plastic straws and those heavy plastic rotisserie chicken containers.

This couple’s wedding wound up on the European equivalent of the Super Bowl. So they’re going to show the match at the reception.

Downton Abbey is about to hit the big screen.

Alexa can now watch over your place while you’re gone and let you know if anything happens.

Maybe Justin Bieber will kick in some cash to help rebuild this place.

Woodstock 50 is back on.

Have a great Wednesday. Catch ya later, Wilde Ones! <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 05/21/19

Kids don’t need to have all the fun… here’s a cool summer camp for adults!

Congratulations to Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost who are now engaged.

LeBron James is now the lead spokesman for Walmart’s Fight Hunger Spark Change campaign.

Kind of a unique life skill but she’s doing her thing and I applaud that.

Game of Thrones is over, with one more modern drink container making its way into the finale… now we wait for the prequel.

T-Mobile and Sprint are now closer to becoming one.

The latest in denim fashion is the “Jeado“… and it looks uncomfortable.

Denim swim brief

As you wait for the new season of Stranger Things, you can play with this brand new Lego set inspired by the show, complete with the upside down version.

The Upside Down is attached to the Byers' house in a new "Stranger Things" play set.

Hallmark is ready for wedding season with some brand new movies.

I hope your day is going great. I’ll catch ya tomorrow! <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 05/20/19

Google has just released a new app called Rivet that can help your kids learn to read.

Samsung fixed the problems with the Galaxy Fold and are now ready to put it on sale next month.

Did you call in sick today because of the Game of Throne series finale last night?

Virgin Galactic is ready for its first commercial spaceflight this year.

Mild vengeance against exes is resulting in some very full bears.

If you have some outdoor activities planned for this summer, check out REI’s big anniversary sale.

The cafeteria worker who got fired for giving lunch to a kid with no funds in his account has a new job offer.

Welcome to a Monday… hope yours is good. <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 05/17/19

Europeans have more effective sunscreen than we do because the FDA has been reviewing ingredients for decades.

Hulu is now controlled by Disney and they’ll own the whole thing in 5 years.

Want to drive an Aston Martin like James Bond’s in Goldfinger. Got a few million?

We’re experiencing a helium shortage and it will affect a whole lot more than people realize.

For the ultimate Taco Bell fan, there’s a new hotel coming… The Bell.

Sad news from the world wide web… Grumpy Cat has passed away. 🙁

I’ll see ya on Monday. <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 05/16/19

The next Star Wars film will be made by the creators of Game of Thrones.

If you thought a foldable phone screen was cool, check out Lenovo’s upcoming foldable screen laptop.


Shania Twain just signed on to the upcoming film “I Still Believe.”

Electric vehicles are getting bigger and bigger… NASA is building a plane.

Could sea sponges be the key to curing some of the world’s deadliest cancers?

Filming of the new 007 movie has been put on hold after Daniel Craig was injured on set. Sounds like his ankle is pretty bad.

That’s a wrap on this blog. See ya on Friday!!! <3 Jennifer