The Wilde Ride for 04/29/19

The universe is expanding more rapidly than scientists thought it was.

Bud Light is releasing a new brew for summer – Lemon Tea.

A hacker found that he could remotely kill car engines using GPS tracking apps.

The show Outlander is coming to Netflix May 27th.

Lego is releasing a new line of Braille blocks.

If you want more dating profile action, consider taking a profile shot with a hamster!

Close-up of Woman Holding a Hamster

Want a job that allows you to nap? Actually that IS part of the job of Snoozetern at Mattress Firm.

If you feel like flu season has gone on forever, you’re not imagining it. We’re (hopefully) near the end of the longest flu season in over a decade.

Adidas is putting out 100% recyclable tennis shoes.


Let’s get this week underway. Happy Monday! <3 Jennifer

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