The Wilde Ride for 04/25/19

A court has ruled the Yosemite is more valuable than gold and a company can’t mine there.

You could run out the door in the morning with a handful of gummy bears to give you your vitamins and now, caffeine!

coffee gummies

Snoop might not know much about makeup but I watched him narrate this entire tutorial! “She gotta let the brush get used to her face…” I’m DYING!!!

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame airs this weekend on HBO. If you don’t have HBO you can sign up for a free trial and check it out.

Can’t take a vacation this year but still want to have something to post to instagram? Fake a Vacation will help you.

You can now stay in a giant potato in Idaho. Book it on airbnb.

Samsung decided to delay the launch of the new Galaxy Fold after reviewers have been reporting broken screens.

Actor Anson Williams invented Alert Drops after a conversation with his Uncle Heimlich, after he fell asleep at the wheel. (If you’re drowsy and don’t have alert drops with you, bite a lemon!)

And it looks like Meghan Markle is having twins…

Have a great day! See ya tomorrow! <3 Jennifer

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