The Wilde Ride for 04/10/19

Are you a knitter who loves heavy metal? Maybe you wanna get in on this contest?

Your cat knows its name. It just doesn’t feel like coming when you call it.

Felicity Huffman and 13 others are going to plead guilty in the college entrance scam scandal.

5G is here, and it’s crazy fast!

OK, can we just stop with the hybrid mayo flavors? This sounds disgusting.

Heinz Kraft
Heinz UK Facebook

The entire town of Story, Indiana is for sale. You’ll just need about 4 million dollars.

Want a good laugh? Follow Myrna Tellingheusen on Twitter! I’m dying over here!

There could be another issue linked to vaping– seizures.

I have a family emergency that I need to go out of town for, so this will be the last blog of the week. (And if I mentioned something on the air that isn’t in today’s blog, scroll back a bit for those “best of” emergency show stories. Be kind to someone today. I’ll hopefully see you back here on Monday. <3 Jennifer

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