The Wilde Ride for 04/30/19

At least two people wound up getting medical treatment after seeing Avengers: Endgame. This guy got his butt kicked over spoilers. And this woman was crying so hard she couldn’t breathe.

You might want to think twice about showing your kids videos of themselves because it changes their memories of an event.

When you take away the sense of sight, everyone “sees” a play differently… that’s the idea behind Teatro Ciego, or Blind Theater.

Dr. Pepper has a new limited time flavor that they’re releasing in conjunction with the new Spiderman movie.

Samsung has created a new TV that will adapt to today’s social media formats. It’ll rotate to show your instagram and snapchat videos in all their glory.

Samsung Sero

Samsung Sero

Remember the guy who got a ticket for talking on his cellphone, when he swore he was just eating a hashbrown? Well he fought the ticket in court and won.

Amazon is going after the high-end music streaming market, taking on Jay Z’s Tidal.

I hope your Tuesday is off to a great start. See ya tomorrow! <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 04/29/19

The universe is expanding more rapidly than scientists thought it was.

Bud Light is releasing a new brew for summer – Lemon Tea.

A hacker found that he could remotely kill car engines using GPS tracking apps.

The show Outlander is coming to Netflix May 27th.

Lego is releasing a new line of Braille blocks.

If you want more dating profile action, consider taking a profile shot with a hamster!

Close-up of Woman Holding a Hamster

Want a job that allows you to nap? Actually that IS part of the job of Snoozetern at Mattress Firm.

If you feel like flu season has gone on forever, you’re not imagining it. We’re (hopefully) near the end of the longest flu season in over a decade.

Adidas is putting out 100% recyclable tennis shoes.


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The Wilde Ride for 04/26/19

Are you protected from the measles? It’s on the rise, so make sure you don’t get it.

Police using chalk to mark tires to see if you’re parking in a spot too long is now unconstitutional in some states.

I love this plan… China is planting thousands of square miles of trees (about the size of Ireland) to combat pollution and climate change.

To get more done in less time, work in sprints (with breaks!)

Tired of changing the toilet paper roll all the time? Check out the Charmin Forever Roll.

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The Wilde Ride for 04/25/19

A court has ruled the Yosemite is more valuable than gold and a company can’t mine there.

You could run out the door in the morning with a handful of gummy bears to give you your vitamins and now, caffeine!

coffee gummies

Snoop might not know much about makeup but I watched him narrate this entire tutorial! “She gotta let the brush get used to her face…” I’m DYING!!!

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame airs this weekend on HBO. If you don’t have HBO you can sign up for a free trial and check it out.

Can’t take a vacation this year but still want to have something to post to instagram? Fake a Vacation will help you.

You can now stay in a giant potato in Idaho. Book it on airbnb.

Samsung decided to delay the launch of the new Galaxy Fold after reviewers have been reporting broken screens.

Actor Anson Williams invented Alert Drops after a conversation with his Uncle Heimlich, after he fell asleep at the wheel. (If you’re drowsy and don’t have alert drops with you, bite a lemon!)

And it looks like Meghan Markle is having twins…

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The Wilde Ride for 04/24/19

If you sleep in pjs, you might wanna take ’em off before you get into bed tonight. Here’s why.

Why is this tiny bone that causes so many knee problems making a return? Doctors aren’t sure.

Here’s a great way to avoid baggage fees… sorta.

Not feeling so hot today, so the blog is light… I’ll be back tomorrow after some rest. Still love ya. <3 Jennifer