The Wilde Ride for 03/06/19

Sleeping in on the weekends might not fix your sleep deficit enough to prevent health problems. (So, in a nutshell, still aim for 8 hours a night.)

This guy feels like he made a business transaction that worked for everyone involved, but some people are calling him a jerk (or something stronger.) What side are you on?

Here we go again… April the Giraffe is expecting any day now.

Someone in Canada is selling their collection of 55 vintage VW buses. But there’s a catch, you gotta take ‘em all!

Amazon has now created “Amazon Day” so Prime customers can pick a day to get all their stuff at once. (And it’ll cut down on shipping costs too.)

You’re killin’ me, Smalls! There’s a Sandlot reboot coming? Awesome!

Check out this “mega trailer” for the Star Wars franchise that’ll catch you up on the entire storyline.

Hump Dayyyy! Enjoy. <3 Jennifer

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