The Wilde Ride for 03/04/19

This was not at all the outcome I expected. Luke Perry has died after suffering a massive stroke.

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Congratulations to Space X which is now one step closer to sending humans into space.

Wanna hear what Orca whales sound like in the ocean? Check out this website.

If you’ve been waiting for the price of Teslas to go down so you could buy one, here’s your chance.

Tide has created the easiest way ever to do laundry. Just drop it off with them!

Insurance companies are using all kinds of info to determine whether you’re worth of coverage, including your instagram photos.

Long after his death, there’s a brand new Dr. Seuss book on the way!

Random House Children's has released the cover of  Dr. Seuss’s Horse Museum,  the posthumous new book  by the beloved children's author. It will be out in September.

A couple of construction workers rescued a drowning dog from a frozen river, then found out it wasn’t a dog.

A new kind of twins has been discovered… semi-identical.

Martha Stewart is teaming up with a marijuana company in Canada to create CBD pet treats to treat pain and anxiety in animals.

I hope your March is off to a great start. Is it spring yet???? <3 Jennifer

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