The Wilde Ride for 03/01/19

Luke Perry had a stroke yesterday and is in the hospital. I hope he’s OK! He’s only 52.

Since most humans who want one already have a smartphone, companies are moving more toward pet tech gadgets to keep sales up.

Here’s the most ridiculous HOA fine ever handed out.

Pigcasso was rescued from a farm in 2016. Now she’s an international art star!

Would you clear your instagram feed for the chance to fly free for a year? JetBlue is hoping you will for their new contest.

My dream job does exist! Cadbury is looking for chocolate tasters.

You may want to head back to the theater to see A Star Is Born again, because they just released an extended version of the film, with longer performances and a song that wasn’t heard in the theatrical cut.

LEGO knows its product has hurt a lot of feet. So they’ve created a product to stop the pain… LEGO slippers.

Happy Friday! <3 Jennifer

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