The Wilde Ride for 02/08/19

I cannot stop looking at this picture of the far side of the moon with earth in the background. Seeing the far side is like looking at a stranger. And what a cool perspective of where we are. So wild!!


Congratulations to The Simpsons! The show was just renewed for two more seasons. The 31st and 32nd seasons.

Loop wants to reduce the waste in your life, and in the world, by going back to milkman-like deliveries.

Want to travel the country in a Chockotruck spreading the word about slave-free chocolate? It sounds like a great job for a company doing good things in the world. Check it out here.

If a relative of yours got away with a crime, and you’ve done an at home FamilyTreeDNA test, the FBI could come knocking on  your door looking for them.

Have a great Friday and a fabulous weekend! <3 Jennifer

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