The Wilde Ride for 02/06/19

This just in… the watch Adam Levine wore at the Super Bowl is worth more than everything I own in the world. 

We all have those movies we frequently quote. But what’s the most influential movie of all time?

If you think e-cigarettes are safer than the regular kind, think again. Vaping is linked to “popcorn lung.” There are no safe cigarettes. 

Georgia police are looking for a man who scammed people out of thousands by selling fake Super Bowl tickets… including his own mother. Harsh, dude…

Just one of these avocados could make enough guacamole for your entire party!

A man in India plans to sue his parents for making him exist “without his consent.” He sounds like a joy. Wow… they might be regretting their decision to have him too. 

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful. See ya tomorrow! <3 Jennifer 

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