The Wilde Ride for 01/31/19

Know anyone (maybe you?) who wants to learn a trade? Mike Rowe’s foundation is giving away scholarships.

A group of scientists says they have found the cure for all cancers. No joke. This is huge.

She could have tried the better her marathon time, but there was something else more important- saving a little puppy that she found on the path.

Maybe those robocalls will end soon!!

Netflix felt it needed to remind people that Ted Bundy was a murderer and nothing about that is hot.

YAY! Bo Peep is back in Toy Story 4. And it looks as if much has changed for her!

Are you a football fan due to give birth any minute? Try to hold off labor until after kickoff at the Super Bowl and you could win a trip to next year’s game.

Have a great Thursday, Wilde Ones!  Catch ya tomorrow… on a FUH RI DAY!! 

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