The Wilde Ride for 01/08/19

There’s a new recall going on due to faulty airbags. If you have a Ford, check this out. 

A teen who babysat for a woman then tried to get her money was called a stuck up b**** because she wouldn’t accept free ice cream and a “day of fun” as payment. She finally got her money though and the woman is being shamed by the internet for trying to rip her off.

A woman in the UK is now a convicted criminal due to her excessive bird feeding. Harsh…

Have you even flown business class on United and loved your meal so much you wanted the recipe? Well now you can get it, in their new cookbook. 

Looks like the Oscars will be definitely be hostless (for sure this time.) Kevin Hart couldn’t even be convinced by Ellen to change his mind.

A free flat screen sounds awesome! But will it turn on?? (Does the bag of rice trick work for this?)

I hope your Tuesday is terrific. 🙂 See ya tomorrow, Wilde Ones! <3 Jennifer

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