The Wilde Ride for 01/07/19

Gesturing will soon be the new touchscreen if testing of this new tech from Google goes well. 

A bunch of works just entered the public domain. Here’s how to check out some of them.

The bad new is that a neighboring galaxy is going to crash into the Milky Way. The good news is, we won’t be here to see it. But our descendants might…

Nabisco has two new flavors of Oreos out for 2019. Carrot cake and Dark Chocolate! 

And the Girl Scouts are also putting out a new cookie flavor this year. They have a new gluten free option – Caramel Chocolate Chip. 

The new cookie, which will officially be released in 2019, is gluten free.
Girl Scouts of America

Netflix is asking viewers to please stop doing “The Bird Box Challenge” before someone gets seriously hurt.

I hope your week is off to good start and that you didn’t injure yourself Bird Box challenging this weekend. LOL  <3 Jennifer 

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