The Wilde Ride for 12/20/18

If the smell of fried chicken from KFC says Merry Christmas to you, check out the KFC Yulelog. 

Fetured FireLogs

Amy Schumer and her stylist have just launched a new line of soft, comfortable clothing called LeCloud.

Google can now predict if your flight is going to be late before the airline even announces it.

Sea Of Clouds

Hasbro is cranking out new versions of Monopoly like Hollywood is revamping old TV shows and movies. The latest Monopoly game is Pizza Monopoly.


I didn’t even know “watermelon seed butter” was a thing, but it’s one of the big food trends for 2019.

Life would have been so much easier for Kevin McCallister in Home Alone if he’d had google to help him… and that’s the focus of their new ad, starring Macauley Culkin. 

I hope you’re having a good Friday Eve… catch ya tomorrow, Wilde Ones! <3 Jennifer  

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