The Wilde Ride of 12/05/18

If you eat beef or have a dog there are two recalls you need to be aware of. More than 12 million pounds of ground beef are being recalled. And several brands of dog food could have toxic levels of Vitamin D. 

Being rejected really messes with your brain. It can even lower your IQ.

Here’s the perfect way to set the mood for a movie watching marathon this holiday season… scented movie candles.

A24 x Joya Genre Candles

Sled Legs give you a sled just by bending your knees… and no hauling the sled back up the hill! Score!

Bob Barker usually makes a visit to the Price is Right on his birthday. But this year, since he recently got out of the hospital, he visited the show via Skype. 

Bob Barker Birthday

Happy Wednesday, Wilde Ones! Hope yours is a good one! <3 Jennifer 

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