The Wilde Ride for 11/28/18

It’s safe to eat Romaine lettuce again… if it doesn’t come from a certain area. 

A man who was ticketed for distracted driving says he’s going to trial for justice because he was not holding a phone… he was eating a hash brown.  Mmmmm… hash browns.

If you’re shopping for a mystery lover this holiday season, this could be the perfect gift! Check out The Mysterious Package Company. mysterious

Before you toss your old t-shirts, consider turning them into new ones with Marine Layer. 

This guy made a Taylor Swift themed holiday light display and says he hopes she sees it. Adding “If she does, I’ll probably cry.” 

As a parent, I’m happy to have this question answered. Even if it was 15 years after I needed it!

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday. Catch ya tomorrow on the ‘net. <3 Jennifer 

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